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in Powerful Storytelling & English Audio Productions.

To make an impact with your product or service, you need the right voice, the right message, and the right words.

Empress Media exists to help you tell your story to an international, English-speaking market.

With personalized content, we ensure your story is written well, and communicated clearly.

We help you find the right words.


Our Services.

Call us when you need help to produce visual and audio content.

Visual Storytelling

digital Marketing: Corporate Voiceovers

creative Media: Scriptwriting & Narration


Our team.

David Campanini
Audio Engineer

David has over 15 years of experience working with sound: in audio, he has produced electronic music and worked as sound engineer in live shows, installations, and theater productions. In multimedia installations he provides his expertise, from consultancy to sound system design and tuning.

Nikki Martinez
Writer & Narrator

Nikki has worked with industry leaders, corporations, and non-profits in Asia, Africa & Europe. She spent 3 years as a radio presenter in Uganda, 8 years as the travel host of Living Asia Channel, and was Managing Editor of Philippine Airline’s Inflight Magazine. A voiceover artist since the early 90’s, she regularly provides English content for global tourism and travel companies.


“Craft magical Moments. Create Memories. Connect Minds.”


Professional Editing

Are you crafting blog posts, marketing material, or preparing a speech? 

Our editors check your English grammar & bring your writing to life.


Compelling Storytelling

You have a great product, but what’s your back story? 

We help you communicate clearly. Choose the words that resonate with your clients and grow your business.


Voiceovers & Audio Production

Need audio and video content? We help you write scripts, edit, and voice them.

Our narrators record in a professional audio production studio in Italy.

Optionally, you can direct a live recording session via remote connect, and join us in our studio.



Want original art and illustrations for your product or business?

We offer packages to include this for you.

Speak Clearly and concisely to your Global English Market.
The right words make all the difference.


How Does Empress Media Work?

Simply give us a call to tell us know your needs.

For editing, send your text and receive the fully edited version in as little as 72 hours.

For audio productions, let us know your project details and budget requirements.

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